If cloud revenue and subscriptions are your lifeblood, then don’t leave it to chance.

With iasset.com, you can automatically track and manage usage and initiate billing for every single cloud contract, across your entire channel. A single repository for all contracts with the ability to integrate into your ERP or CRM. No more spreadsheets!

  • Consolidate all cloud contracts into a single repository
  • Deploy across your entire channel
  • Integrate with your ERP or CRM
  • Monitor trends by product/partner/geography
  • Implement upsell/cross-sell campaigns


Solano cloud billing

In addition to our cloud contract and subscription management offering, we also have our cloud billing engine – ‘Solano’, which is designed to ease the billing burden for Microsoft Direct CSPs.

Don’t waste another minute analyzing large and complex reconciliation files from your Cloud Service Provider. Solano will automatically convert your customer’s cloud consumption data into billing information ready for your ERP system to invoice. Simply import your reconciliation files and within seconds, Solano takes care of the rest. It enables you to combine monthly usage and pricing information for each end customer and is so user-friendly – you won’t need any training! Sign up for Solano free trial and discover the benefits today.


For more information, visit iasset.com.