iasset.com is the leading installed base management platform for the channel, managing over $20B in assets worldwide. Since 2008, iasset.com has been transforming the way in which the IT industry manages its recurring revenue. We do this by automating and streamlining the management of any type of contract from cloud consumption, subscriptions to hardware and software maintenance.


The iasset.com Advantage

The strength of our platform lies in its ability to handle extremely large volumes of installed base data, automating the management of cloud and service contracts across the entire product lifecycle – all in one place.

We offer seamless integration into your existing business systems, including ERPs and CRMs or any other system that supports web services or has APIs available.


Cloud Revenue Management
Easily manage usage and billing for all cloud contracts. See more

Service Renewals Management
Convert quote to cash faster with automated quoting. See more.

Product Lifecycle Management
Execute refresh, upgrade and migration campaigns

POS Data Management
Automatically cleanse, validate and consolidate all POS data

Channel Partner Management
Share information and resources with partners

Professional Services
Renewal growth and data enrichment services


  • Grow recurring revenue
  • Track and bill cloud consumption
  • Boost renewal rates
  • Streamline processes
  • Lower operational costs
  • Leverage business intelligence
  • Empower channel partners
  • Gain control over installed base
  • Accelerate quote to cash periods



  • Live dashboards and reports
  • API integrations into ERP/CRM
  • Auto-quoting via CPQ – net new and renewal
  • 20+ languages, all currencies
  • Role-based access for staff/partners
  • Geolocation mapping of installed base
  • Auto-alerts for upcoming expiry dates
  • Campaign creation and execution
  • Partner training and certification

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