Customers demand full solutions to their business problems and being able to combine your products and services with other vendors’ offers (multi vendor solutions), through partners, increases their likelihood of preferring your solutions. For partners, multi-vendor solutions, at compelling prices, removes many of the headaches they face in bringing more complex solutions to target customers.

Until now, being able to combine and take to market your own products & services with other company’s products and services has been operationally challenging.


Why solutionIT?

    You control which products & services comprise the multi-vendor solution, as well as which partners and geographies have visibility to the solution.
    Changes can be made easily and launched to market immediately.
    Partners always have the latest information and pricing on your multi-vendor solutions available to them.


Through our multi-vendor solution capability vendors can:

  • Simply drag and drop the relevant products and services from their existing portfolio, with quantities, into the new solution
  • Create a multi-vendor solution ID with short and long descriptions, list pricing, imagery with links to data sheets and pop-up information, if required
  • Choose where in the offer hierarchy the solution bundle will be displayed
  • Clone new solutions from existing configurations
  • Ensure other participating vendors approve their elements of the solution before launching to market
  • Choose which distributors, if required, are able to fulfil the bundle with additional capability to have multiple distributors providing different elements of the solution


Partners are able to:

  • Navigate a logical structured hierarchy of your multi-vendor solution offers organized by relevant offer group or offer family
  • View images of the offer
  • Click links to technical data sheets from your corporate website or to PDF files
  • View list pricing for those bundles in currencies relevant to their country or region.


With solutionIT:

  • Expose only those multi-vendor solution offers that are relevant to specific types of partners or geographic segments
  • Partners can download the multi-vendor solution offer catalog to synchronize with their own systems and tools such as ERP, pricing and quoting tools. This is particularly useful as you introduce new multi-vendor solution offers, end-of-life older ones or change list pricing.


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