demoIT by Channel Mechanics gives you the capability to design, launch, manage and measure demonstration programs in real time.  As a vendor, ensuring partners are both knowledgeable and in a position to showcase your products or services, is of critical importance. Offering a world class demonstration program gives your channel partners’ technical teams hands-on experience of your products and gets those products into a demonstration environment to support customer consideration.


demoIT Features

  • Configure your program in terms of which partners can utilize the program, which products or services are available and from which ordering points (direct or through distributors) the offer can be fulfilled through
  • Control entitlement limits can be set at either a unit or value level across the whole program or down to geographies, partners or products
  • Online acceptance of program terms and conditions by partner
  • A full audit trail is kept from partner request to fulfilment of the demonstration offer
  • Discount based offers or flat pricing can be configured for both direct (1-tier) partners or through distribution (2-tier) partners
  • A suite of reports is available to monitor performance, track entitlements and manage accounting accruals
  • If you operate a 2-tier model the demonstration program can be offered seamlessly through your distributors without incremental workload for them or for your partners


Benefits of demoIT

You control which products, partners and geographies have access to demonstration products with online acceptance of program terms and conditions and a full audit trail from request to fulfilment.

With real-time reporting you can monitor demo program progress at a program, product or partner level.

Changes can be made easily and launched to the channel immediately.

Partner entitlement rules are enforced and budgetary limits are monitored and cannot be breached.

For more information about demoIT, please contact Channel Mechanics.