Improving the partner experience can result in brand preference, program differentiation and higher rates of participation. Working with partners is not one-size-fits-all, and ITA Group can help you improve the partner experience. Areas of focus to enhance the experience, include:  Journey Mapping, Partner Engagement Strategy, Personalized Engagement Experiences and Partner Experience Portals.  Here’s how ITA Group can help update your personalized engagement and incentive strategies.


Journey Mapping

Clearly define where to update and re-align your partner’s experience. Outcomes include:

  • Assessment and/or research
  • Documented visual of their path
  • Analysis of how the buyer’s journey and partners’ journey align
  • Next-step recommendations to take you from current state to ideal state


Partner Engagement Strategy

Whether you’re focused on a specific stage like onboarding, implementation, ongoing enablement or the entire journey—it all comes to life with a full engagement strategy. It’s one thing to know the journey and the experience you want partners to have—it’s another to ensure they engage to make it a reality. We’re talking:

  • Full engagement plan
  • Communication, triggers, incentives and motivation tactics
  • Priorities established for each segment in your program
  • Execution recommendations


Personalized Engagement Experiences

Running a channel loyalty platform with ITA Group means having the ability to use personalized engagement experiences to proactively touch partners along their specific journey,  including:

  • Easy and clear partner experience inside your custom built platform
  • Incentives, training and behavioral motivation
  • Scalable segmentation
  • Individualized goal tracking
  • Personalized nudges and incentives based on the partner journey map


Partner Experience Portals

Already have a channel program platform you love yet still want to give your partners a smoother and more personalized experience? We can help:

  • Craft engagement dashboards
  • Personalize partner portals to aggregate channel tools and infrastructure
  • Create channel training and enablement interfaces to reinforcement learning activities
  • Embed hands-on dashboards or improved goal visualization


You name it, we’ve integrated it, built it, solved the problem—our team doesn’t know the words, “it can’t be done.”


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