iasset.com is a SaaS platform that enables you to execute customer retention and success strategies in a smart, cost-effective way.

iasset.com is the unrivalled platform purpose-built for IT, IIoT, and MedTech vendors, distributors, and resellers. Leveraging decades of industry experience across our team, we understand the nuances of working within a channel environment. That’s why no other platform comes close to addressing your challenges and objectives like iasset.com.

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In today’s subscription and consumption-driven world, it has never been more important to eliminate the risk of customer churn and protect your existing revenue.

Gone are the days of relying on large, one-off tech purchases as your primary source of revenue. Technology is now consumed in more frequent, lower value transactions as influenced by the rise of the subscription model and ‘everything as a service’. It no longer makes good business sense to pour every resource into customer acquisition.

It’s time to evolve with the market.

Proactive extension of customer lifetime value is critical for businesses selling hardware, software, and devices which is why we developed our LIPS strategy (an acronym for land, invest, protect and surrender), to significantly optimize channel sales and grow your recurring revenue.


How can LIPS and iasset.com help you?

Customer success is an ongoing journey that cannot be effectively maintained through spreadsheets or other tools which aren’t designed to handle a dynamic installed base in a channel environment. That’s why you need an intelligent platform to automate time-consuming, labor-intensive manual processes.

Our iasset.com platform applies the LIPS methodology to identify opportunities at every stage of the customer lifecycle and takes automatic action on your behalf.

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