Most channel partners use Microsoft Word and Excel to scope professional services, leading to errors, redundant data entry, and wasted time. ScopeStack’s SaaS platform redefines the pre-sales process, allowing engineers to quickly and accurately price services by reducing the time to scope projects and generate customer success plans.

Founded in 2017, Greenville, SC-based ScopeStack’s Founder/CEO Jon Scott spent years in the IT industry as a solution architect, working to solve customer problems. A large part of that process involved scoping services by manipulating Microsoft Word templates and very complex spreadsheets. Scott found this process to be terribly inefficient and error-prone and knew it could be better.

ScopeStack is focused on solving a very specific problem for a very specific client base: pre-sales scoping for Value Added Resellers (VAR’s). This approach leads to a deep understanding of our client’s problems. Integrations with common CRMs allow your teams to easily import opportunity information without redundant data entry, and project information can easily be exported to different formats, from customer success plans to work breakdown spreadsheets.

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