Vortex 6 provides innovative SaaS solutions and services that enable channel partners of major IT vendors, including Cisco, to effectively and economically manage compliance with multiple vendor partner programs to optimize their rebates, all in one place.

Our software is used by many partners, large and small, driving profit through implementing efficiencies and giving visibility of key data to enable informed decisions that will increase income.

We also offer managed services where partners outsource the management of their certifications, compliance with the partner programs and optimization of their rebates to V6.

The Vortex 6 team have unparalleled experience in understanding how IT vendors and their channel partners operate together and use their expertise and insight to guide and support their customers.

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Vortex 6 Solutions

Our V6 Fusion software solution automates partner program compliance, Cisco VIP and rebate optimization and is also available as a Managed Service. Our advisory-led Lifecycle Incentives solution enables partners to optimize financial opportunities available through Cisco’s Lifecycle Incentives program.

All of which simplify the most important and complex elements of multi-vendor partner relationships, positively impacting profitability, competitiveness and customer experience, while leaving partners to focus on core business priorities.

V6 Fusion as a managed service provides continuous monitoring of compliance and rebate status by partner program experts with deep knowledge and insight of vendor partner programs.

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